Change your password to help prevent getting hacked

Why You Should Be Using a Password Manager

Do you know that hackers combine data from different hacks to get a big picture of who you are and how to get to your personal information? It is kind of like what Google does.

Have you ever noticed that after you visit a site and look at a product that you will have ads for that exact product popping up on your browser window? Did you know if you type in a search word into Google that the results you get will differ depending on what your past search records show? Google knows if you are looking for travel info or terror info in Paris without you even specifying it. That is because Google is watching what you do and where you go.  So are the hackers.

If you use the same password on multiple accounts it is easy for a hacker to get in. Hackers put malware on computers so those computers run scripts testing usernames and passwords on thousands of sites. For example, your username at Home Depot is “Sally1985” and your password is “School2003”. You use that combination at your bank. Once Home Depot got hacked, the hackers started running those combinations at every financial institution in the world and BINGO – they get into YOUR bank account. Maybe you use different usernames but the same or similar passwords. Hackers have scripts that run variations or maybe they got other variations from the Equifax or Anthem hacks. Hackers are clever and you must use different passwords, and change them frequently,  on all your accounts. Password managers make this a manageable task.

Here is a good article from iThemes who has great software and security tools that we use on our clients’ websites. This article will explain “Why You Should Be Using a Password Manager”.

Every few weeks, we hear the news that another major website has been hacked. Often these hacks mean your personal information has also been compromised. In this post, we cover the important reasons for why you should use a password manager to protect your online identity, and how to get started with LastPass, a free password manager… Read more about using a password manager

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