Egeland Wood & Zuber, Inc. has been in the advertising and marketing business since 1984. It was started as a full service advertising agency in 1977 by it's president Elizabeth Wood as Unicorn Advertising. Over the years the ad agency won awards for radio and TV commercials and corporate identity. It has evolved and changed with developing computer technologies.

Vice President Barry Zuber teamed up with Elizabeth Wood in 1984 and the business took on a new direction and a new name. Desktop publishing was in its infancy and Egeland Wood & Zuber, Inc. was one of the first ad agencies to design and produce ads and brochures using desktop computers. Being a leader in this new technology brought a new service to the business - consulting and training other ad agencies to teach them how to use the computers to produce professional quality advertising and marketing materials.

As the technologies evolved, Egeland Wood & Zuber, Inc. was on the "bleeding edge" of technology. Developing multimedia capabilities on computers led the firm to develop presentations with video, sound, and photos for their expanding base of technology-related customers including; IBM, Corel Corporation, Adobe, and AltSys.

During the late 80's and the 90's, Elizabeth became a featured technology speaker at major computer and graphics trade shows where she shared her knowledge of the technology with others struggling to figure out all the new software and capabilities. She has an extensive resume of conference topics ranging from desktop publishing, multimedia to Web design.

Digital Marketing, Website Design & Security, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management and PowerPoint custom training are now the focus of Egeland Wood & Zuber, Inc. Sharing how to use the technology has always been a passion of EWZ founders. Teaching small and medium-sized companies to use the technology to grow their business cost-effectively while taking charge of their public image is the current direction of the firm.


Elizabeth Wood forms Unicorn Advertising - an ad agency specializing in broadcast media and print advertising


Unicorn Advertising becomes Egeland Wood & Zuber, Inc. with the addition of Barry Zuber as VP and becomes a full-service advertising agency specializing in the computer industry.  Clients included: IBM, Corel Software, Adobe Software, AltSys and BRS.


Elizabeth Wood elected to the Rules Committee for the White House Conference on Small Business.  Helping small and medium businesses has always been a focus of Egeland Wood & Zuber, Inc.


Founder Elizabeth Wood taught graduate-level desktop publishing courses at Kent State University in Ohio for the University & College Designers Association.


IBM reaches out to Egeland Wood & Zuber to consult with their Media Division clients to show them that desktop publishing IS possible using IBM computers. Elizabeth Wood consulted with IBM for several years sharing the power of IBM computers to do graphics and desktop publishing. This later evolved into a relationship with the IBM Multimedia Group in Atlanta which relocated Egeland Wood & Zuber to Atlanta, GA.


Egeland Wood & Zuber, Inc. is tapped by IBM to set up the internal advertising and marketing department of the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (ACOG). Egeland Wood & Zuber opened an office in Atlanta to service IBM's multimedia division and ACOG.


Founder Elizabeth Wood expanded her speaking at major conferences to include how to use traditional multimedia on the Internet. This was at the very start of businesses beginning to get on the Internet and use it to promote their businesses. Egeland Wood & Zuber has been a pioneer in bringing businesses online and utilizing technology to drive sales. As the technology evolved so did the content that was shared. Visit our Technology Transfer page to see a partial list of topics the founders has spoken on.

Late 1990's Early 2000's

Our focus shifted to website design, digital video, and training corporations on PowerPoint. 


Egeland Wood & Zuber's founders are also the owners of Bits & Bytes Farm. 

The Mission of Bits & Bytes Farm is to promote the Thoroughbred racehorse as a sport horse. We assist sellers (of Thoroughbred racehorses for sale) to find buyers who have the ability to transition these horses to new careers.

The Bits & Bytes Farm website became the sandbox to test the newest technology and apply it to real-world sales. The website was originally created with Dreamweaver using HTML. It later evolved to a WordPress website in 2009 which allowed for easy access to all the news stories on the website. We were able to experiment with a live site to learn to power that WordPress could bring to our client sites. Bits & Bytes Farm was one of the first websites to sell horses online. We sold horses directly from the racetrack just using digital technology. Hundreds of Thoroughbreds have been sold, sight-unseen, to buyers all over the US, Canada, and Mexico using the website, Facebook, Google, and MailChimp. Call us and we can share the details. 


In 2009, we started using the WordPress content management system to build our websites. Content management systems make searching and archiving of content easier.  WordPress is a popular website builder that today powers more than 43% of all websites on the internet. Plugins add additional function to a website and work within the WordPress framework. Customized themes allow every website to be unique and styled to match the client's corporate image.


In 2018, Egeland Wood & Zuber created the Woodstock Digital Marketing Meetup to share technology with other businesses and agencies. Visit the Technology Transfer page to see our long history of sharing information on the latest technology. Our history of speaking at conferences goes back to the late eighties. 


Standing the test of time.

Egeland Wood & Zuber, Inc. is one of the few ad agencies that started in the seventies that is still relevant today. As the founders, we have followed the technology trends to assist our clients in reaching their customers in exciting and cost-effective ways. Our agency is rooted in traditional advertising and marketing, but unlike other ad agencies, we realize the need to interact not only with our clients' customers, but also with Google, Bing, and other search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the conversation between your content and Google and other search engines. We talk directly with Google and Facebook to adjust our clients' advertising to reach the most targeted audience for your business. Let's talk about your business and how we can get you more business!

Digital Marketing & Web Site Design are not as easy as it used to be...
You need a partner who understands technology trends, traditional marketing, web design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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