Web Design

When was the last time you went to the Yellow pages
or newspaper to find a business or service?

Functional design, attractive graphics and well-written copy - it takes more than a domain name to make a Web site. Creating a Web site so that it can be found by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo is just as important and becomes an important part of the design of your Web site.

Today, you must have an Internet presence or
you are invisible to most potential customers.

Putting up a Web site without the built-in features that allow the search engines to find you, is like putting a sign out in front of your business. The sign can be huge and beautiful but unless a potential customer drives by, no one knows it is there.

No one will know your Web site is there unless they stumble upon it or know the actual Web address if you do not have Search Engine Optimization (SEO) built into the Web site's design.

Free or inexpensive templates offered by many companies do not have the SEO needed to have your site found by users of your business's services. Don't be fooled into buying Google Adwords or paying to be listed on the search engines' databases.

We get your Web site to rank high by using over 300 SEO techniques - many of which are built into the design of the site. You can't just throw in a few keywords and expect results. Today's search engines use complex algorithms to see if your site is relevant to the user's search term and current in content.

Websites and Web Browsers have changed over the years...

Digital Marketing & Web Site Design are not as easy as it used to be...
You need a partner who understands technology trends, traditional marketing, web design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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