Custom PowerPoint Presentations & Training

Put the "Power" into your PowerPoint presentations. Capture your audience's attention and place them in the palm of your hand. Everything you need to make a positive impression is contained within the presentation--including multimedia elements of sound, Flash animations, interactive menus and video. Launch other applications like Excel or a Web Browser while giving your presentation without jumping out of PowerPoint. When you exit the other application your presentation will continue from the current slide. Run your presentation from a CD-ROM or make it available for all your customers to view over the Internet! See some PowerPoint examples.

PowerPoint Templates & Presentations

The secret to creating high-impact presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint lies in effective design and use of the PowerPoint template.

Egeland Wood & Zuber, Inc. will design a master presentation template that serves as the foundation for all your PowerPoint presentations. The master template controls the look of the presentation and coordinates with your corporate identity by including graphic design elements, such as corporate colors, fonts and logos.

Answers to questions such as: "What color combinations make the strongest statement?" and "How should text and graphics be positioned on a slide?" are professionally answered in the template.

The PowerPoint template allows for multimedia effects such as sound, animation and interactivity and provides placeholders for photographs, clipart and business graphs.

Proper use of the template makes it easy for you to create or update existing presentations.

Create & Reuse Videos from PowerPoint

Don't reinvent the wheel! Re-purpose content from PowerPoint presentations.

Do you know that video can be created from any PowerPoint presentation? See an example of video created with PowerPoint. This video can even be reused in another PowerPoint presentation. Upload your PowerPoint video presentation to online video sites like YouTube and Vimeo. From there, place your PowerPoint videos on your Web site.

Video in PowerPoint can be paused, rewound and replayed with on-screen controls. Use PowerPoint objects like buttons or text links to control a video in the PowerPoint presentation - even jump to any location in the video to begin playing. Now there is no need to edit the video. Just tell PowerPoint where to begin playing and where to stop. Use another button to jump back into the same video at a different section. Now YOU have full control of the content.

We can do it for you or teach you how to do it yourself!

Let's look at a few options to work with us...

Your sales/marketing team needs help making the sale.

Option 1:

Let us create a menu driven PowerPoint presentation that may delivered from a sales person's laptop computer or in a conference room to a large screen projection unit.

Option 2:

Let us create or add a PowerPoint presentation to your Web site. It may download as a PowerPoint presentation or an Adobe Acrobat document that includes animations.

Option 3:

Let us create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and template that your staff can use to create additional presentations with a professionally designed look.

Option 4:

Learn to use PowerPoint more effectively. Let Egeland Wood & Zuber, Inc. teach your staff how to design and implement a PowerPoint template to create more powerful presentations.

Custom PowerPoint Training

PowerPoint is a very powerful application. There are many ways to use it besides creating bulleted slides.

We have had the opportunity to work with a variety of corporations who have different needs and goals that they are using PowerPoint to achieve. This has allowed us to think about new and exciting ways that PowerPoint can be used to deliver information. This information may be delivered in a traditional slide presentation, an interactive presentation that links multiple presentations together or even as a video presentation. We will expose you to a different way of thinking about PowerPoint.

We train presentation professionals on how to create PowerPoint presentations, templates and video files in new and different ways. Our custom training includes working with photo imaging programs like Photoshop and other applications like Excel and Adobe Acrobat. We understand how to re-purpose content for use on Web sites, SlideShare and turn them into videos to play on YouTube.

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