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Video Gets Better Search Results

Video is getting more and more important if you want your business to get noticed! A video will allow you to showcase your business' strengths and stir emotions that will lead to more sales.

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine?

Yes, it is. Google is number one and guess who owns YouTube?

Putting a video up on YouTube tells Google that your business is IN business and has a message to share. We will help you craft that message and create videos that will appeal to your audience. Once created, a video can be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media site that you choose. The video can also be displayed on your website and included in digital direct mailings. One video will give your business many impressions that Google will notice. Search engines will see the videos and deliver them up on the search results.

If a picture paints a thousand words then video paints 30 thousand words per second! A video is 30 frames/images per second. Don't waste another second...start creating videos TODAY!

Give the Gift of Love with Home Health Care Services from Health Force of Georgia

We remember those we love on Valentine's Day. Sometimes the best way to show your love takes more than more than a box of chocolates or a flower arrangement. Sometimes the best gift is YOU, on Valentine's Day or any day.

Your loved one or parent may need help around the house or to get to a medical appointment. Show your love by helping them to remain in their home by offering help with everyday tasks such as bathing, house cleaning, cooking, or organizing the medications necessary to keep them well.

If You Can't Be There for Your Loved Ones...
What if you live far away or have to travel for work and can not be around to help? That is where home health care services can fill in the gap.

Health Force of Georgia has caregivers that will take care of the basic necessities of living at home. We can be there when you cannot. Services include Companion Care, Personal Care, and even Skilled Nursing Care.

And sometimes you need to give yourself a little love and respite from being the caregiver. Health Force of Georgia can be there for you too with Respite Care even if you only need a few hours for yourself.

This Valentine's Day give a loving gift of health care services. Health Force of Georgia will be there when you can't. Give us a call 770-458-8500 or visit our website at
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