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Important Knowlege About the WWW

The Internet is constantly evolving and changing.  Security and SEO are more important than ever before. Make the wrong changes to your Web site or allow it to be hacked and you may find your site dropped from Google and the other search engines. We monitor important changes in the online world and share these with our readers on this page.

Welcome to nginx! or Why is My Website Down?

When your website is down, you need help immediately. There is no time to waste as a downed or blocked website makes it appear that you are out-of-business. Don’t panic…

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Cybercriminals Selling Access to Corporate Servers on the Darknet

Advertisements on darknet forums offering full access to corporate networks jumped almost 70% during the first quarter of 2020 over the last quarter according to security firm Positive Technologies. This poses a significate potential risk to corporations and their now remote workforces. Network access is being sold on the darknet.

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Google Advertising vs. Facebook Advertising – The Truth Revealed!

What are the key differences between Google Ads versus Facebook Ads, and what does each bring to the table.
We’ll answer questions such as:
• Which one is best for you?
• What’s the investment?
• How do I get started?

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Podcasting Is Staying! Should You Be Playing?

Is 2019 the year of podcasting? Consider this: Podcasts are growing – with over 660,000 shows currently online. More than 32% of Americans are actively listening to podcasts, Spotify bought Gimlet Media (a podcast production company) for a reported $230 million. Add to that the number of celebrities, newsmakers and product/service experts who are starting their own podcast and you might be wondering, “Is it time for me/us to start a podcast?”

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We Produce Affordable Videos

Are you aware that videos are the way to tell your story and get buyers to buy? Video is key to Facebook and should be highlighted on your website. Traditional video was expensive to produce costing thousands of dollars per minute of video. Well, now you have an alternative – Digital Video produced from your phone or camera! Most smartphones now have the potential to capture high def video and so do portable and SLR cameras. The issue then is how to put together that video to tell your story. We can help!

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How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads & Grow Your Business

LinkedIn is one of the most under-utilized social media networks for local business. Currently, there are over 700 million users. Given the right knowledge, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool to help you find, connect and sell to qualified customers.

This session will demonstrate the basics and best practices to get maximum results whether you sell B2B or B2C.

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Lifespan of a Website –10 Signs That Say It May Be Time for a New One

Websites have a limited lifetime. Learn the average lifespan of a website. This session is targeted to every business that has not looked at their website with fresh eyes in a while or who have not updated their website recently. Learn the importance of keeping your website fresh and focused to rank higher in search engines and project an accurate reflection of your business to the public.

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Solving the Drudgery of Password Management While Protecting Your Personal Data

Your digital life leaves a trail of insecure logins, passwords, payment information, and tons of other sensitive personal data on the Internet that can be mined by hackers and cybercriminals. It’s a fact of our digital life and it’s not going away any time soon.
But how are we supposed to create long complex, non-dictionary passwords and change them frequently for every Website we use?

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Getting Customer Reviews and Using Them to Power Your Online Reputation

Whenever customers decide to make a purchase, they spend time researching online reviews. In fact, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation for a buying decision, and its impact is increasing. Learn how to actively get online reviews and use them effectively to promote your online presence.

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Digital Marketing & Web Site Design are not as easy as it used to be...
You need a partner who understands technology trends, traditional marketing, web design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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