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Left brain, right brain - seldom do they work together. When they do, you get a message that is delivered with a design that enhances the message. Egeland Wood & Zuber knows the message can be lost unless it is delivered in a clear, concise way with good design. We will assist you to focus in on the message, we'll clean it up to make it to the point and we will deliver it with good design -- whether in a presentation or a Web site.

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Egeland Wood & Zuber, Inc. is one of the few ad agencies that started in the seventies that is still relevant today. As the founders, we have followed the technology trends to assist our clients in reaching their customers in exciting and cost-effective ways. Our agency is rooted in traditional advertising and marketing, but unlike other ad agencies, we realize the need to interact not only with our clients' customers, but also with Google, Bing, and other search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the conversation between your content and Google and other search engines. We talk directly with Google and Facebook to adjust our clients' advertising to reach the most targeted audience for your business.

We Share Our Expertise with Others

It's important for us to research and learn the latest updates in technology, search engine optimization, and security to be able to protect and promote our clients. We also feel the need to share what we learn with our community. We created the Woodstock Digital Marketing Meetup to share information with anyone wanting to learn how to better promote their business with digital marketing. The Meetups are free to attend and you do not need to be a client. We meet once a month at The Circuit in a collaborative space between the Cherokee Office of Economic Development, Chattahoochee Technical College and the Woodstock Office of Economic Development.  Links to the topics we have spoken about are listed below along with other services you might not realize we provide. We hope you will join us!

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Digital Marketing & Web Site Design are not as easy as it used to be...
You need a partner who understands technology trends, traditional marketing, web design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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